14 Hours Productions is more a collection of friends and acquaintances working in their free time to try and make quality products than an actual studio. It has no home base of operations because things like an office cost money. Still, it is manned by dedicated people who have very strong feelings about game design and the potential for the artistic merit of looking at interactive narrative from different perspectives.

Started a few years ago as a pixel art animation studio for other indie game makers and movies it was only a natural progression to move into making their own original content instead of always making content for others. Whether or not the world will respect and enjoy that content is yet to be seen.

A lot of small game studios normally put something vaguely artistically inspiring about here as a mission statement. 14 Hours hates to buck trends, so here goes...

We want to make games people will play. Then we can make more games.

That's the core foundation of the 14 hours Productions philosophy. It's not a complex one, but it's honest.